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No matter how big or small your Customer Evidence program is, the output is defined by the input. If you can't get customer nominations, you can't produce the content your sales and marketing teams need to move the pipeline.

Worry not: we've spent 15 years trying out different tactics to figure out the universal rules that help get more nominations and publish more stories.

Inside, you'll find how to:

👉 Build a raving fan network inside your own organization

👉 Meaningfully engage with customers, old and new

👉 Become your own strongest advocate (practice what you preach!)

And 9 more tips you can apply right away!

Meet Asta, our Customer Evidence Expert

Asta Kurulyte

With over 8 years of experience in Content & Product Marketing, Asta brings a unique and thorough understanding of what it takes to entice audiences with a truly engaging message. She joined Wings4U team 7 years ago. Since then, Asta has designed and operationalized the Customer Evidence programs with Microsoft APAC, Microsoft CEE, Microsoft MEA, Citrix APAC, Zendesk APAC, and Fortinet LATAM. 

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