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Getting across to your prospects in loud, saturated and rapidly evolving markets is getting tougher. So, it’s understandable that your sales & marketing teams might be feeling overwhelmed. But given that 70-90%* of the buyer’s journey takes place interacting with online content before speaking to a sales person - we’re here to help transform your happy customers into sales & marketing bliss!
*Source Forrester

What you’ll find inside?

    1. What Customer Evidence means for an organization
    2. Why Customer Evidence Programs bring better and more sustainable impact than other marketing and lead generation approaches – with insight and stats to prove!
    3. How you can transform the voice of your Customer into compelling strategic content - in just a few easy steps - and newly empower your Sales, Marketing, Referral and PR teams to achieve results like never before, thanks to:
      a. Shorter sales cycles and intelligent cross/upselling
      b. Richer and more effective buyer experiences
      c. Longer-lasting customer relationships
      d. Boosted trust and credibility of your organization, your current and future offerings
    4. All of this, plus a special bonus: we’ve designed a practical checklist 8 must-have elements for setting up a Customer Evidence Program to get you started smoothly!

Meet Melis, our Customer Evidence Expert


With over 8 years of experience in Enterprise and Product Marketing, Melis possesses a unique and thorough understanding of what it takes to build a truly effective Sales & Marketing strategy and the tactics necessary to execute it. She joined the W4U team following 7 years at Microsoft, which has given her the practical know-how of both enterprise requirements and agency capabilities. At Wings4U Melis supports and manages customer relationships, empowering and helping clients make the right decisions with their customer evidence programs.

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