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Let's CARE together!

Wings4U - Celebrating Diversities

At Wings4U, we’ve been 100% remote from day one – which means we’re lucky enough to have artists, clients, partners, and internal team members from every corner of the globe working together. We began the CARE program as a way for us to recognize, celebrate, and share these differences.

What does the CARE program stand for? 

  • Celebrate
  • Acknowledge 
  • Recognize
  • Embrace


To help us in celebrating cultural festivities worldwide, to connect and embrace our differences, we're building a calendar of cross-regional events that we would like you to be part of. To get started, we've engaged our local artists and teams from all over the world to share their ways to celebrate various events, and now we want to experience yours too! 

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Check what we have celebrated so far...

February 2018 – Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Wings4U Remote Work

Photo: A special greeting card created by one of our artists, local designer - Alyanna Marie Carrion

Xīn nián kuài lè! In other words, Happy New Year in Chinese! In What’s Lucky in the Year of the Dog? Celebrating Chinese New Year blog post we take a closer look at this important Chinese holiday, what it means, and how it is celebrated.


More coming soon!  

Have important holiday in your culture you would like to share with the world? Let us know about it!